Not everything from the past sucked – and some of the things which sucked also fucked and were worth taking a look at again. Apparently, guys are figuring out that porn from yesteryear was better than today’s. Just look at all the free vintage porn which has hit the web. Top adult studios are going into their vaults and finding all those videos before there was even classic sex industry. They are finding the best free vintage videos, transferring it to DVD, and even getting a hold of special footage which was never on the original film. Thus, we have a new genre of free vintage clips which goes back as far as the 1800s and takes us up to the 1970s.

Classic Porn

Free vintage porn is a lot different than the porn of today. Part of the reason is simply because men had to enjoy porn differently back in the day. Vintage porn was shot on film as full length features. Without VCRs, the porn movies were played in adult theatres. Most guys today wouldn’t dream of watching porn on the big screen. But the free vintage clips we watch today was released for theatres and even had movie posters. For the vintage porn movies to succeed, they also had to have a bit of a plot and not just the instant sex that today’s porn gives us.

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A girl in lingerie stands at a window, gently rubbing her body and holding a tubelight against it. She fantasizes about three naked women who are kissing and licking each others pussies on a stage.

A girl is sitting against a wall where a guy next to her is kissing her. At the same time another girl shoves her hands underneath the first girls panties. A little later both girls are giving the guy a blow job before he fucks them both in turns.

A naked girl is walking around a luxurious villa, holding a seashell against her ear. A little later she is at the beach, leaning against the rocks. A little later another is fucked from behind by a blonde guy at the same spot.

A young girl in lingerie is laying on a bed. She sticks one hand down her panties and rubs her pussy. She takes off her panties and finger fucks herself. In her fantasy she is fucked from behind by a guy

A guy is watching a girl doing a striptease on a small podium. She dances around, showing her pussy off. Then she lowers her top and shakes her large tits. Then she gives the guy a blow job before he fucks her from behind.

Two large breasted women are dancing topless on a stage. A little later the both of them are on a bed with two guys. While one of them is being touched up, the other is sucking one of the guys dicks before the both of them get fucked.

Two girls enter an office where they sit down on a couch. A little later they are on a stage, taking their tops off and showing their massive boobs. When they are naked two guys fuck them and come over their tits.

A topless girl is standing in between two guys who play with her enormous boobs. A little later she is laying on the floor where one of the guys fucks her in between her tits while the other one licks her pussy.

A busty blonde woman and a guy are sitting next to each other on a couch. A little later she is naked and giving him a blow job. She climbs onto his lap so he can fuck her, shaking her big boobs about until he comes over her tits.

The plot aspect is why so many men are going back to watch free vintage porn. In a full-length vintage porn movie, you get teased in the setup by being taken right into the action. Then, once things start getting steamy, you are going wild with desire. Once the full action begins, you are in for a real treat with free vintage porn because this sex is for real and not the scripted faking of today’s porn stars. If you would like to see the best quality new era adult material you should check out this hd website where you can download high definition videos for free.

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Pornstars from the 60s and before had curvy nature bodies which were soft to touch like a ripe peach. If the same stars from 60s free vintage porn were working today, they would probably be put into the chubby category! That just goes to show you how much porn really has changed along with our taste in leading ladies. But just because you can’t find ladies like Jennifer Jordan, Naomi Tani or Tamaki Katori anymore, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy them! The internet now is ripe with free vintage porn and you can start enjoying your favorite flicks instantly. Also if you want some black pussy check out one neat blog full of black porn clips, they list cool links to download them free.

There is so much free vintage porn to enjoy but the 60s were definitely the boom thanks to the hippies and their sexual wildness. Look at some of the free vintage porn scenes from movies like I Want You!, Hot Shots with Jennifer Jordan and Sonny Landham, Casting Call with Sarah Warren and Heidi Sohler, the color film for the erector set Come One Come All, and Kathy Knight in Love and Kisses. Once you see these great free vintage porn movies, it will be hard to go back to today’s porn!

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